Sushi Making Kit Target

Making sushi made easier than ever before. This sushi making kit target comes with all the materials that make your work easy and safe. It has a rice paddle to spread the rice and can be aligned across the corners using rice frame so that rice doesn’t fall out of the paddle. Then roll it and cut with precision with the help of roll cutter.

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Highlights of Sushi Making Kit

  • The design itself lets you make sushi without prior sushi experience.
  • You can easily spread the rice onto the paddle and then roll it with zero rice wastage.
  • The only hard work for you is to spread the rice on the paddle.
  • The entire sushi kit is dishwasher safe.
  • Also, the kit saves your fingers from getting cut while chopping the sushi into pieces that is one of the reason for this product to be considered as one of the best sushi making kit.

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