Recycled Tin Art

Recycled Tin Art at a cost of just $38.50

Haitian Birds Recycled Steel Drum Art 3-d Wings (Set of 5), Metal art wall decor 5" x 4.5"

as of October 12, 2018 12:10 pm


  • A flock of your very own! Take advantage of their 3-D wings. The birds will come to you "flat" but don't be afraid to bend the wings out a little bit before you hang them on the wall. Then they'll really fly! Each bird is approximately 6" x 5".
  • It's Cactus is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation
  • On the back of each of the birds, you will find that a hanger has been attached with a rivet. Feel free to use that to hang your birds. If they are going to be displayed outside and need to be more firmly secured, grab a hammer and close down the hanger by giving it a good whack. If you need to secure it further, use another nail and hammer it in the notch between the lower wing and the bird's belly. The head of the nail will further secure your little bird so he won't fly away.
  • Color variations from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti

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