Razor Saver

Razor Saver starts at $14.95

Razor Blade Sharpener for Dull and Disposable Razors by Razor Savor

as of October 12, 2018 10:08 am


  • SAVE MONEY by reusing your disposable razors as well as expensive regular blades for men and women.
  • USE 75% FEWER blades each year by extending the life of your razors and feel good doing it.
  • SIMPLE TO USE! Simply draw the razor blade across the sharpening surface 10-15 times and you're done!
  • WORKS WITH single, double, & triple blade razors! The only reason blades are disposable is because you can't sharpen them, change that now!
  • STOP THE WASTE of 2 billion razor blades and 2 million pounds of razor plastics going into our landfills each year by purchasing the Razor Savor now.

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