Q Man Magnet

Q Man Magnet available for just $11.88

OriGlam 9PCS Novelty Mini Q-Man Magnet, Cute Rubber Magnet Men Refrigerator Magnets Magnetic Toy for Kids and Adults Office Magnets

as of October 12, 2018 11:42 am


  • √ Fun Refrigerator Magnets - Spruce up your kitchen fridge with these colorful magnet men. With Magnets on their hands and feet, you can combine them to form funny positions that will keep the whole family entertained.
  • √ Cool Magnets - The holding strength of these small magnets is unbelievable to hang up pictures, papers, school notes, etc.
  • √ Multipurpose - Use for office magnets, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets, calendar magnets, map magnets, cabinets and any other magnetic metal surface.
  • √ Strong Magnets - Does a great job of holding up pictures, papers, school notes, etc.
  • √ Fun To Collect - Once you see how much fun they are, you'll want more! Collect all the different colors and create all kinds of combinations.

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