Phone Cleaner

This clinically proven phone sanitizer disinfects your phone using UV lights and can charge your phone at the same time. It’s a patented product of PhoneSoap which can be used for any phones.

Phone Cleaner

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Highlights of Phone Cleaner

  • A unique product to gift to your loved one that is very new in the market.
  • Patented and tested product which is 100% safe for users as well as for the mobile. It will not affect the health of your smartphone in any way.
  • Its technology is featured on Channel like Discovery.
  • We touch a lot of things all day long and we do wash our hands to be safe. But we always forget about the phone that we use every now and then. We can’t wash our phone the way we wash our hands. That is why this UV Technology is used.
  • Fun fact is that our phones are 18 times dirtier than the public toilets we use. It’s hard to believe, but true.
  • PhoneSoap is a case which holds a phone inside it on a UV transparent plate. This is the PhoneSoap 3 model and can hold a phone of any size.

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