Optical Illusion Wind Spinner

Optical Illusion Wind Spinner at a cost of just $15.95

Qwirly Classic - Gazing Glass Ball with Spiral Tail - Decorative Rotating Spinner for Indoor or Outdoor Hanging with Swivel Hook - 11” Spiral Tail and 2” Glass Ball, Copper Red

as of October 12, 2018 11:58 am


  • STRESS RELIEF: Rotating spinner and ball can help calm and relax the mind, reduce anxiety and allow to better focus your mental attention. | EASY TO POSITION AND TWIRL: Includes swivel hook accessory and optional twirl grip for easy and continuous motion.
  • VARIETY OF CHOICES: Comes in silver and copper metal finishes and a range of glass balls
  • A PERFECT GIFT: Made of timeless quality materials: metal and glass. With an 11" spiral and 2" solid glass ball, ready to use and enjoy, and packaged in an attractive box, a Qwirly Classic is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and any other occasion.
  • DURABLE AND ATTRACTIVE: Looks great in a city apartment, office, porch as well as outside in the garden
  • *You can get a Second Qwirly Optical Illusion Spinner at 1/2 OFF. See Promotion Details Below. Qwirly Spinners look great together and make the Best Gifts so the only thing that is better than one Qwirly, is two!

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