Marvel legends infinity gauntlet – Articulated Electronic Fist

Get ready to take control over multi-verse with the tremendous power of Marvel legends Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist. With all the 6 infinity stones in it, you can now change the fate of the world.

Marvel legends Infinity Gauntlet

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Highlights of Marvel legends Infinity Gauntlet

  • With 19.5 inches long, this articulated Thanos gauntlet toy can be worn by anyone.
  • Well, its massive size won’t create fitting problems as there is a bar on the inside of fist to hold and rings for all the fingers to fit in.
  • All the 6 infinity stones in Thanos gauntlet have a glowing & sound effect that works on AAA batteries.
  • It is lightweight as it is made up of plastic yet there is a lot of attention paid for detailing.
  • This Thanos glove toy features premium design and styling and the stone in the center on pressing activate movie sounds and FX.
  • While keeping it for display it has a finger lock system that holds gauntlet toy’s fist fingers intact.
  • This is the best gift one avenger die-hard fan can expect.

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