Ink Pen Holder

Ink Pen Holder – at $35.99

Premium Feather Quill Pen & Ink Set by Qulam w/Fancy Holder, 5 Calligraphy Nibs & Ink Bottle. Ideal Antique Desk Decor. Best Gift & Fancy Dip Pen For All

as of October 12, 2018 9:59 am


  • PREMIUM ARTISAN GIFT SET - America's number 1 quill set will blow your mind with its exceptional design and craftsmanship. Every gift box includes a handmade and hence unique owl feather style quill with a metal nib, pen holder, 5 calligraphy tips and a 25 ml ink bottle.
  • VINTAGE STAND - Unlike the competition, this inkwell quill comes with a beautiful complimentary pen base, which is a treat to the eyes and keeps the pen safe. Its the perfect decoration for a ceremony or reception for guest sign in! Also imagine impressing your friends with your own personalised greeting cards!
  • LOWER STRESS - In this age of constant information bombardment, calligraphy is the ideal escape. Imagine coming home after a stressful day and leisurely making your way through calligraphy worksheets whilst watching a movie and drinking coffee. Its almost therapeutic! With 5 included quill nibs, let your imagination go wild. Quill pens are also known for writing more smoothly and many find them easier to use, especially if the hands are affected by Carpel Tunnel or Arthritis.
  • WOW FACTOR GIFT - With the highest quality materials used, this feather quill set is an extremely popular luxury gift item meaning you'll be loved by friends and family! Its also ideal for any traditional historians as well as young Harry Potter fans.
  • RISK-FREE: 1-Year Warranty + 40-day manufacturer money-back guarantee means your gift set can be returned if you wish, no questions asked. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! That's why our customers say - Customer Service is a lost art. Kudos to these folks!

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