Grow Your Own Avocado

Grow Your Own Avocado – at $19.99

AvoSeedo Bowl Set Grow Your Own Avocado Tree, Evergreen, Perfect Avocado Tree Growing Kit for Every Avocado Lover with Plan Pot - Green & Green

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  • GROW YOUR OWN AVOCADO TREE - It takes 3-6 weeks for an avocado pit to crack open and starts to germinate, depending on breed and temperature. Just be patient, about 90% of all avocado pits start to grow at some point. You will soon have your own little avocado tree.
  • FOUR FUN COMBOS - This Avocado tree growing kit comes in four different color combinations, white & green, green & green, transparent & green, and transparent & transparent. This allows for everyone to have their own unique avocado tree kit. Choose a color and start growing your own avocado tree.
  • EASY TO USE - This Avocado tree growing kit is ultra-easy to use simply peel the avocado pit, put the avocado pit in the AvoSeedo, and it's ready to go. As soon as your avocado plant is about 20 cm tall and has some leaves you can remove the plant from the AvoSeedo and plant it with soil into the plant pot.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - This avocado tree grower will last for years and years Its made from super strong non-toxic plastic. This makes it the perfect present for any child or loved one in your life.
  • AVOCADOS ARE SUPER FOODS - Avocados are full of nutrients and are extremely good for you. According to recent studies regular consumption of avocado is likely to be beneficial to your health with regard to insulin regulation, blood sugar control, satiety and weight control as well as decreased risk of unwanted inflammation.

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