Gin and Tonic Cocktail Glasses

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Real Homemade Gin Kit & Stainless Steel Personalized Flask, For Making Delicious Martinis, Gin and Tonics, Spirits & Cocktails At Home | Botanicals, Recipe Guides, Bottles & Labels & More

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  • PERFECT GIFT FOR DAD, MOM, FRIENDS & FAMILY -Enjoy the look on their face the moment they open up their package and realize what you just got them. Don't be surprised if they always remember you as the best gift giver ever! Everyone can enjoy a tasty adult beverage from time to time, and nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own drink flavors and styles that people love. Get one for yourself and give one to a fellow home brewer and have a battle of the homemade gins!
  • THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE INSIDE A BOTTLE OR YOUR MONEY BACK! -The only thing more fun than drinking an expensive, fancy, iced cold, hand shaken martini is the fun & satisfaction knowing that you were the one that made it. This DIY home brewing set comes with everything you need to create fun and delicious, exotic cocktails, traditional gin and tonic, and a variety of other great choices, making it the most fun and unique project kit for men and women alike or your money back.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS & PROFESSIONALS -Interested in becoming an at-home bartender? We'll teach you how to make the Rosemary Salty Dog, Cucumber Tongue Cocktail, a master Gin Martini, and more with your Fully Colored, Fully Illustrated Ultimate Guide to Gin Making (already included inside your kit). This kit not only makes great gin, it makes you the go to bartender and mixologist at any social event.
  • INCLUDES ONE OF A KIND PERSONALIZED STAINLESS STEEL FLASK Not only does this kit already includes 2 all glass bottles with custom labels, your freshly made gin can now be enjoyed anywhere! Use our home-made gin kit in the kitchen, take it to parties and whip up something new, and then bottle it your very own personalized "Liquid Courage" stainless steel flask and take all your favorite gin and tonic spirits everywhere you go.
  • NEXT LEVEL BOTANICALS, SPICES & ESSENTIALS -Seriously this kit is more like a mad scientist project in a box than just an ordinary gin kit. It comes with all the herbs, flasks and bottles you need to transform any ordinary vodka into your one of a kind extraordinary artisanal gin. Have fun experimenting with limitless combinations of ingredients so you can expand your home wet bar offerings!

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