Want a Theatre Like Movie Experience at Home? Check out the Best Projector Screens

Do you need to feel like having a theater like experience at home then you need to get the best projector screen that renders high picture quality and color reproduction.

Projectors have become a popular way to watch movies without a television. The awesome thing about these devices is you can set them up virtually anywhere, as long as you have a screen.

If you own a projector and enjoy movies, inside or outside, you know how fun it can be to have your own projector screen. They have a comfortable surface for you to use your projector on, and in some situations the clarity of the TV screen can be beneficial.

When it comes to choosing the right projector displays, there are a few factors, including your budget, scale, portability, and the content on the frame.

The largest screens aren’t necessarily the best, since you need the screen to fit into whatever room you’re going to use. There are more versions on the market than you may have realized, so we’ve checked some of the best projector screens for every choice and budget.

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What to Look for in a Projection Screen?

Screen size – Before picking the most large projector panel, you can get your hands on it, make careful to measure the area where you want to position it. Keep an eye out on the screen resolution that fits the environment better. You don’t want the screen to overwhelm the space, but you also want to optimize the scale of your screen to re-create your home theater experience.

Fixed vs. movable – Consider if you’re going to use the projector screen. Do you want it to go out after you’ve done seeing something, or do you want it to become more permanent? While some projection screens will roll out of the way when they’re not in service, others are more static. In addition, some screens provide a motorized functionality, so you don’t have to get out of your seat to start the action.

A movable screen saves space on the wall, but if it’s electronic, there’s still potential for things to go wrong.

You also have the option of portable screens that can either open up or inflate, which are handy for travel or camping. They’re a lot of fun, but often their screens are prone to wrinkles, so they fold up while not in use.

Screen Color

White projector screens are known for being versatile since they display vivid colors and optimize brightness. They’re ideal if you’re watching a video in a dark room. For ambient light settings, you should consider getting a black screen.


There are 3 types of projections — ultra-short throw, short throw, and long-throw. While ultra-short and short-throw projectors can be kept quite close to the screen, long-throw projectors are set up at a certain distance and angle. Look for the screen specifications to ensure that it matches the type of projector you own.

Material – Projection screens are made of a number of different materials—some monitors may be more suited for Ultra HD content than others. In addition, various screens provide a range of features, such as quick cleaning and fire resistance.

If you’re buying a screen for outdoor use, make sure you’re able to clean it quickly, as stains or bird falls often tend to occur in the most inconvenient places.

Best Projector Screens of 2020

1. Best Projector Screen Overall: Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame

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For good reason, the Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame has a wide screen and a 16:9 ratio that offers an excellent viewing experience. It’s one of the best projector screen overall choices. The ezFrame is simple to set up, with a toolbox conveniently provided. Thanks to the white matte surface of the projector, the color reproduction is very precise and vivid when watching movies. A black velvet structure around the mount gives it an upscale and elegant look when it comes to design.

A good film, of course, is about graphics as well as music, and ezFrame really performs when it comes to entertainment. The Acoustic Pro1080P3 Series has a transparent screen, built for use with a hidden speaker or a rear-speaker, as the fabric of the screen encourages more sound to come through, providing a more immersive cinema experience.

Other than the high price tag, it is difficult to blame this projector screen. But it’s one of the better permanent mounting screens for any room, if your budget allows. The investment also requires a two-year warranty and lifetime technology assistance.


  • Easy installation, with kit included
  • Beautiful video quality
  • Audio integration


  • Expensive

2. Runner-Up: Best Choice Products 119-Inch HD Indoor Pull Down Projector Screen

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If you are trying to save space, the affordability of a roll-up projector can be just what you need, making the Best Choice Products 119 in HD Indoor Pull Down Screen one of the top choices for anyone having to look for this feature. It’s a fantastic overall purchase, as it’s surprisingly affordable, simple to assemble, and has a quality white matte vinyl screen. When ready to use, you can pull down the screen with a locking feature that ensures that when in use, your screen will stay in place. Simply roll the screen back up when you are done.

It is worth noting that the screen itself is square, so you will not be seek to benefit from all 119 inches if you plan to use it at the 16:9 ratio. The colour and precision are remarkable when watching films, with great brightness. This screen is a perfect choice for those looking for both comfort and durability, with a competitive price point and a high-quality, robust product.

The 119-Inch HD Pull Down Manual Projector Screen actually only provides a 97-inch diagonal viewing area when watching high definition content, but it’s still a pretty good deal.

3. Best for Small Rooms: Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 92-Inch

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Check out the Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 92-inch 16:9 frame if you are searching for a projector for a smaller space. Made with CineWhite software from Elite Displays, the panel is designed to optimize brightness, providing precise contrast and color reproduction. It can play 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D as well and has a viewing angle of 160 degree. With soap and water, the screen is mildew-resistant and easy to clean.

While most users are reporting that it takes two people to just get the job done, your frame is positioned on a black velvet aluminum frame, with quick setup. The black frame is both aesthetic and functional, since it helps absorb the light of the projector and retain the pictures rather than the wall on the display. It’s slightly smaller than most of the other screens reviewed here, with a 92-inch size, making it a top choice for smaller walls or rooms.

We also love this screen’s high-quality design and premium feel, which ensures that the display doesn’t crease or wrinkle over time. If you’re on a top-notch, easy to use product that will not overwhelm a smaller room, give this screen a look.


  • Pull-down screen is handy for saving space
  • White matte screen and black border play video beautifully
  • Locking mechanism means screen always stays in place


  • Screen is square, so you lose inches if using the 16:9 ratio
  • Can be tough to roll up evenly each time

4. Best for Large Rooms: Elite Screens 180-Inch

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The outstanding 180-Inch Elite Screens are what you need for a screen that will wow friends and relatives. You’ll appreciate this giant screen, which offers 88.3 inches in height and 156.9 inches in width, if you’re after the ‘go big or go home’ mentality. It is a 16:9 4K remote controlled drop-down projector screen ready for home theatre, providing the accessibility of raising the screen via the included remote when it is not in use.

We appreciate that the screen is fully black-backed, preventing the transmission of sunlight from behind and providing you with a more precise video quality. The screen’s texture also enables for more precise color representation and is easy to clean as well. It’s also awesome for use in boardrooms or offices, thanks to its size.

The 180-inch is big, 52.9 pounds, so after completion, it’s not something you’ll want to walk around. Although best done with two people, the installation itself is simple, and the design gives you the option of mounting on either the ceiling or the wall. The 180-inch may be just what you need if you’re prepared for movies that are larger than life.


  • The 180-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio is sure to impress guests
  • Back is lined with black material to eliminate light and image loss
  • Gorgeous picture quality


  • Screen can be slow to rise and lower
  • Heavy

5. Best Outdoors: SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Movie Screen

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Check out the SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Cinema Projector for an outdoor screen that brings fun to every party. It’s a big outdoor screen with 120 inches in width and 68 inches in height with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s lighter than you’d think, at 22 pounds, considering the massive scale.

The set-up is simple with the given blower and the stakes keeping the screen inflated and fixed to the ground. The panel is fully inflated in a couple of minutes—just make sure you zip it shut or the air doesn’t stay in. The fan’s noise is now almost non-existent nowadays, so it didn’t interfere with your movie. The panel itself is made of a durable oxford fabric that can withstand the elements and show your video clearly.

Another helpful aspect is that the SUNCOO provides front and back projection, allowing you expanded options. If you’re looking for something to bring spice to your pool party, wedding party, or outdoor event, both kids and adults will enjoy the joy of this inexpensive outdoor projector.


  • It’s a huge inflatable screen, perfect for events or parties
  • Set-up is quick and easy
  • Reasonable price


  • Fabric is durable, but rips and tears are possible

6. Best Versatile: Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen with Stand

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Hovering around the $100 mark, the Vamvo is an excellent buy, thanks in no small part to how powerful it is. It fits as well inside as outdoors, packing a pair of special tripod legs for top-notch comfort that make it a breeze. There are ropes around the side of the panel to resist even the heavier wind, and it comes with a comfortable carrying case, so you can take it in and out of your home with ease.

This screen is also a perfect match for a wide variety of uses, such as rear projection, 3D movies, or a simulated golf simulator. And Vamvo also makes some pretty good promises on customer support, which can also be a challenge for projector technology. They promise 100% customer satisfaction and have a group of specialists ready to respond to any problems that occur and to suggest compatible technology to pair with the screen.


  • Breeze to set up
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Great for rear projection and 3D


  • Fairly heavy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a projection screen cost?

Projector screens can cost anywhere between 50$ to 500$. The pricing depends on the brand, specifications, size of the screen, etc.

Are pull-down projector screens any good?

Pull-down projector screens are an excellent option if you are looking for portable, adjustable, and compact projector screens. They can be just as useful as any other type of projector screen, depending on your preference.

Can I use my wall as a projector screen?

While many people use their wall as a projector screen, a wall always falls short of the advantages that a projector screen offers. For instance, if your wall is uneven or is not white, viewing 4k or ultra HD quality videos could be next to impossible. Additionally, if the wall does not reflect the maximum amount of light, the outcome will be videos and images with less clarity.

Is projector paint as good as a screen?

Many people consider projector screen paint when budget is a constraint. While painting your wall with projector paint might seem like a good idea, many factors play a role in deciding whether the paint would offer high image clarity. Projector screens are made, keeping in mind these factors and thus save you the hassle of doing a lot of research. Projector paint works for people who don’t use projectors that often. However, if you invest in a good projector, investing a little more in a high-quality projector screen is the best thing.

What size of the projector screen should I get?

With projector screens, bigger is not always better. You should consider the size of your room and the specs of your projector in case you’re using your projector indoors. Projector screens that are too large produce images that aren’t as bright. So, go through your projector specifications and figure out the viewing distance that it permits to buy a projector screen of an apt size.

Are projectors as good as TVs?

While both projectors and TVs come with impressive specifications these days, it all comes down to your budget. Televisions with larger screen sizes and 4k resolutions can be way more expensive than projectors. While televisions are feature-rich, projectors offer a great home-theatre experience at a fair price.

This was our list of the best projector screens. We hope you found the projector screen that fits your requirements and matches the specifications of your projector. While investing in a good-quality projector is crucial, your investment is worth it only when you get the right projector screen that maintains the image quality and brightness, offering you a flawless viewing experience.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an all-round great home movie screen, Elite Screens will provide you with everything you need—fantastic video presentation, sound integration, and vivid colour. It’s worth the splurge and it’s going to have home entertainment for years. The SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Cinema Screen must be the best outdoor screen. The scale of the SUNCOO is sure to impress, it’s sturdy and reliable, and it’s easy to set up and take down.

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